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Hello @Friendica Support

I wonder if Friendica provides a RSS feed per post which contains the comments on the post as well?

Background: On my blog I point people to a Friendica post for comments/discussion. Now I had the crazy idea that I could fetch the posts RSS feed to show the comments again in my blog, given such a feed exists.

@Marco R. true, but I add the link to the friendica post manually for now to the blog meta data. Automating this would be nice. But I want to minimize the ajax call via JavaScript while loading a page. So for now this works for me. If I get tired of it I might look into solutions how to get the link to the friendica post and the rss feed automatically (e.g. like the search request in the project you mentioned).

So the Friendica post is created from the blog post? We could see how to detect the post link automatically.

yes, I have a extra user for my blog posts: which automatically gets my blog via RSS and re-post it. Then I lookup the URL manually, add it to the meta data of the blog and commit it (which triggers a rebuild/upload of the static pages). I already thought about a cronjob on a server which regularly does a git pull on my blog, automatically search friendica for the new posts, parse them to extract the atom feed, add it to the blog and commit it again. But I'm not sure if I want to allow my server to commit to my webpage/blog automatically.

The alternative would be to do it via JavaScript, but this would involve multiple ajax calls:

1. search for the friendica post
2. download the post and parse it to get the URL to the atom feed
3. get the atom feed

That's a bit to much overhead for my taste. But if you have a idea how to simplify it? Maybe with a dedicated API?

Possibly you could post directly the Friendica post via the API. That API returns the post number that you can use to fetch the comments.

I don't really see how I could implement this. My blog is build with Hugo, a static site generator. I write the blog in markdown, push it to a git repository, this will trigger a ci job to build and upload the HTML pages. So at which point should I call the Friendica API and how should I feed back this information to the markdown files before the pages are build?

For everyone who is interested, I implemented it now. Unfortunately until now nobody commented on my blog via Friendica, so I have no real world example. But for testing I used the feed of this thread, so this is how it looks:

The code to make this happen is part of my Hugo theme:

To all the Friendica experts. Does Friendica provides RSS feeds per post, containing all comments?


Open Source Means Choice Of Insurance

"The flexibility that open source permits – and which is taken away from you by proprietary vendors – is more important than ever." Very nice article by Simon Phipps:

#FreeSoftware #business #enterprise

The Free Software Foundation Europe and Open Forum Europe published a white paper about the impact of the European copyright reform on Free Software. Especially article 13 seems to endangers our code sharing platforms. Learn more:

#ofe #fsfe #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #policy #europe

Sad news, Reddit is no longer Free Software. I would have hoped that they consult other companies and organizations who have some experience with the challenges they faced and could have helped them to find a better solution than closing everything down

10 Punkte für eine digitale Agenda: - Die Linke mit vielen guten Ansätzen zu einer zukunftsfähigen und nachhaltigen Informationsgesellschaft

#Politk #Digital #FreieSoftware #Linke

Labeling advantages like independence, (entrepreneurial) freedom, control, security, lower development costs, sustainability and many more as religion doesn't help to discuss Free Software in the cloud at all. #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #cloud

Compare your views on Internet policies with the parties for the German federal election 2017 #btw17 #Digitalomat
Die Formulierung der Thesen richtet sich offensichtlich an die Parteien und nicht an die einfachen Menschen - also ich weiß nicht was im §irgendwas im AEAO steht. Ich finde auch, dass einige Thesen unglücklich formuliert sind um dann mit "Stimme (nicht) zu" beantwortet werden zu können.

Ich werde ihn an Bekannte trotzdem weiter verteilen.

Stimme dir zu, finde manche Fragen auch etwas ungeschickt formuliert. Das war aber auch das erste mal, dass wir das in einer solch großen Gruppe gemacht haben. Es muss ja noch Platz zum Verbessern bleiben ;-)


Using Riot/Matrix as IRC bridge seams to break direct messages

I started playing around with using Riot as IRC bridge because it provides a quite nice user experience on both the desktop and mobile. But it seems like only registered user can send me now a direct message on freenode. That's really bad... Is there any way to change this?

#riot #matrix #irc

I arrived at Berlin for the Nextcloud conference, looking forward to meet many friends to work on cool stuff. #Berlin #Nextcloud


Security record of open source and free software

"The Coverity report finds a slightly lower defect density of free software versus proprietary software; in the area of Web applications, however, the exact opposite result was found, which is essentially due to the security weakness of PHP."

#FreeSoftware #OpenSource #proprietary #security


"Ich kann ihnen doch nicht die Nummer meiner Schwester ohne deren Zustimmung geben."

Eine ganz normale Reaktion? Im wirklichen Leben ja, sobald wir aber Smartphone Apps wie WhatsApp verwenden fallen alle Hemmnisse. Meine Theorie: Es ist einfach zu unpersönlich und nicht greifbar für die meisten Menschen.

YouTube: Wenn die Verkäuferin eine App wäre (Versteckte Kamera) (Stiftung Warentest)

#privatsphäre #smartphone #apps


Easy XMPP, small improvements can make a difference

The easy XMPP initiative tries to identify all the small UX glitches and fix them. That's a great first step in the right direction. For user discovery I would love to see mobile clients to check my address book, auto add contacts with a XMPP address and automatically check contacts email addresses for XMPP capabilities. This would be a easy, privacy respecting way to auto-populate the contact list.